Children in Laos are in danger from hidden, unexploded bombs.

Decades after the devastating Vietnam War, communities in Laos are forced to navigate their lives around the millions of tons of explosives that were dropped during 580,000 bombing missions. That’s equivalent to a planeload of bombs being dropped on communities every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years.

Nearly five decades after the war, these deadly items remain a threat and a daily reality for thousands of communities. Every bomb could kill.

This deadly war is not over for these families. They still live in fear of its legacy.

Fear for their children when they walk to school and fear for loved ones as they work the land to grow enough food to survive.

This legacy of fear is locking away precious land in Laos.

Every day across the world 19 people are killed or injured by a landmine or unexploded bomb. Almost half of civilian casualties are children.

Every unexploded bomb cleared is a life saved, an opportunity for a village to grow, for children to learn and play, and for families to live without fear.

Your support can help us unlock the land in places like Laos.

Vangkhom Village needs your help.

No parent should have to risk their life to feed their child – but that is what is happening every day in Vangkhom village in Laos. With your help, our teams can make it safe for families to farm the land. With your help, fields can be abundant with crops, not deadly bombs.

Vangkhom was hit by almost 6,000 bombing missions. The bombs lay hidden, waiting to kill or maim when disturbed by a curious child or a farmer at work.

“When I walk to school I have never found a bomb but I am very happy that MAG has cleared my school. My friends and I can play anywhere here now with freedom. In the future I want to be a teacher.”

Souk, Pupil at Vangkom School

We believe that children in Vangkhom shouldn’t pay the price for a war that was over before they were even born.

Recently, teams found two deadly unexploded bombs in the playground of the village school.

151 people live in Vangkhom, more than half of them children. With your help this community can rebuild and prosper, providing a safe and sustainable future for generations to come, free from the fear of unexploded bombs.

MAG aims to deploy a team of courageous women to clear deadly explosives in and around the village of Vangkhom, Laos. By donating today, you will support MAG's lifesaving work.

Our team is in the village right now, finding and destroying unexploded bombs. Your donation can help MAG keep them there until Vangkhom and the children who play there are free from danger.

It's time to unlock the land.

"Now that some area of the school has been cleared, I am very happy our new generation will study in safety."

Mr. Air, Vangkhom, Village Chief

Everyone has the right to live in safety. Together, we can get to unexploded bombs before a child does. 

Through your support, vital land can be unlocked and places like Vangkhom can be made safe and freed from the legacy of conflict.