We believe that everyone deserves the right to live free from danger and fear on safe land. That’s why we’re so grateful for supporters like you, who have enabled MAG to transform bomb-riddled schoolyards, roads, farms, and villages into safe places cleared of dangerous mines and bombs.

That is what we’ve been achieving in Laos, a country in which MAG has worked since 1994, striving to eliminate the deadly legacy of a war which ended nearly half a century ago. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, MAG’s hardworking teams in Laos have been unlocking the land for close to three decades and, today, we want to share stories of what your support has made possible in Laos and what we hope to achieve.

In our spring 2022 Impact newsletter, you can learn more about the land that you’re helping MAG unlock and the land that, together, we aim to unlock in the future.

We detail the work that MAG is undertaking in Vangkhom, a village in Laos that has been oppressed by unexploded bombs for far too long. In this edition of our Impact newsletter, you can learn about the challenges that lethal contamination places on the village, the better lives the villagers hope to achieve once MAG completes clearance work, and how we aim to unlock the land in Vangkhom so that the community can thrive, farmers can use their land, and children attend school in safety.

We know that, together, we can continue to save lives and build better futures. Because of supporters like you, MAG can continue to help families finally recover from past conflict and flourish in places like Vangkhom. Thank you for helping us unlock the land.