Ben Whitmore, an animator from London, was going about his usual day when a chance encounter with a MAG street fundraiser inspired him to use his skills to raise awareness of the global threat of landmines.

“We had a good chat and I said I would create something that hopefully could become bigger than just a donation,” he told us. ”I wanted to make a short film that cuts to the heart of the issue of landmines and unexploded bombs that continue to kill and injure children across the world.”

Animation is a notoriously time-consuming process, and this project took approximately three weeks to complete. But throughout Ben had a clear vision of what he wanted to achieve.

“The main theme for the video is the progression from a wreckage of a community to one that is rebuilt after mines have been cleared,” he says. “I chose to highlight the transition from unexploded bomb to a teddy bear to show how children in particular are affected by the legacy of war.”

Asked about the main character in the video, Ben said “I wanted them to look friendly and accessible. Landmines, and the horrible injuries they cause, can be difficult to discuss and I felt that a cartoonish style would help people to engage with the topic and understand the issue better. 

“I don't believe anyone should be affected by something as brutal and indiscriminate as landmines. Unfortunately it is often children who are the victims as they often lack the knowledge to keep themselves safe.

“MAG is a great cause and they are helping to create a safer planet for everyone. I hope people enjoy watching the video and take away a deeper understanding of the problem and how organizations like MAG are working to make a real difference.”

Thank you Ben!

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