Gun violence poses a threat to public safety in South and Central America following a flood of weapons into these countries during the Cold War.

MAG has been working in Peru since October 2017, helping to reduce the threat of weapons and ammunition proliferation in the region.

Why we work in Peru

Peru’s gun culture has been shaped by events in the last 50 years, including military governments and a civil war, as well as the recent rise in urban crime and drug trafficking.

The illegal and uncontrolled diversion of small arms and light weapons is responsible for increased gun deaths and growing gang violence in the region. Weapons threaten economic development, as gun violence burdens communities with higher healthcare costs, reduces productivity and discourages investment. This hinders development throughout the region, undermining growth and threatening human welfare.

How we help

MAG Peru is helping to reduce the threat of weapons and ammunition in the region and enhance national capacity to sustainably and safely manage risks. This includes capacity-building of national security forces, assessment of weapons and munitions storage facilities, and related arms management and destruction activities in six locations throughout the country.