MAG recently began operations in Niger after first working with partners in-country. The team in Niger is currently implementing two arms management and destruction projects to prevent weapons being used to fuel insecurity and armed violence.

Why we work in Niger

Located between Libya, Mali and Nigeria, Niger is at the crossroads of conflict in the Sahel. It has become a primary transit route for trafficking migrants and commodities, as well as arms and ammunition. Niger also suffers from armed insecurity, especially in border areas where recurring attacks on communities and security forces disrupt society. 

How we help

MAG is improving the safety and security of three state weapons storage facilities. We conduct technical assessments at weapons and ammunition storage sites as well as construct and rehabilitate armories and train individuals in armory storage and management.

We are also leading a regional project to improve the management of state-held weapons and ammunition and to enhance coordination between the authorities of Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger.