• What types of staff do MAG employ?


    In MAG programs, we employ only a small number of international staff, more than two-thirds of whom are technical experts. They provide the expertise to allow us to train and supervise the national staff we employ to undertake demining and stockpile destruction or management work.

    This is in line with our aim to build a safe and skilled local capacity to deal with areas affected by the remnants of conflict. Our staff therefore have substantial experience and technical knowledge of landmines and unexploded ordnance, in order to safely train and supervise others.

    We also employ Country Directors, Program Officers, Finance Managers, Base Managers, Logisticians and Community Liaison staff – these posts are again responsible for training and developing local staff in their own areas of expertise (people management, finance systems, donor liaison and management, logistics, community development etc).

  • Does MAG have volunteering opportunities?


    International: MAG does not use volunteers in our programs in the field. This is because MAG trains and employs staff from the countries in which we work, to allow them to contribute to the rehabilitation of their own country. Employing international volunteers overseas would restrict the number of opportunities for local staff to be employed by MAG.

    US: We do have some opportunities for volunteers at our MAG America offices in Washington, D.C. If you would be interested in volunteering with our Development team, please contact Kathryn Duval at kathryn.duval@maginternational.org

  • Does MAG train people to deal with landmines and unexploded bombs?


    While MAG is focused on providing relevant training for national staff in its programs, unfortunately we do not have the capacity to provide Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)/demining training for international people looking to enter this field of work. Applicants for international vacancies need to have relevant, transferable skills and experience in order to be considered for international technical vacancies.

    MAG’s Technical Field Managers (TFMs) coordinate ordnance clearance operations in our overseas programs. As well as possessing relevant EOD qualifications, TFMs are required to demonstrate previous experience of working in mine clearance, EOD, small arms and light weapons and/or arms management and destruction operations in developing countries.

  • How can I find out about vacancies at MAG?


    All vacancies are advertised on our website. Therefore, we recommend you check the vacancies page on a regular basis. Application is by submission of a completed application form, which you will find on the specific vacancy webpage.